What beer styles are there?

Here we will give you some information about what styles of beer you can encounter, and maybe some tips about what other types of beers you might like based on your taste.

Try something new

Try something new

Ale and lagers

The two main categories of beers are ales and lagers. While ale are top fermented, lagers are bottom fermented. Ales often has more taste than lagers, and is often darker. Lagers are the most popular beer type around the world, but ales has become more popular lately.

If you like traditional pilsner, you should try light lager, english pale ale, wheat beer and belgian blonde.

If you like IPA, you should try american pale ale.

If you like bock and bitter, you should try strong ale, pale ales and brown ales.

Stouts and porters

Stout and porter is a dark type of ale beer that often has a lot of taste. They range from quite mild like guinnes to heavy russion imperal stouts. The difference between porter and stout is that stouts often has more roasted barley in it. However, many beers can be classified as a stout or a porter based on the brewers preference.

If you’re a fan of brown ale, you should try some stouts and porters and check if that is something you might like.

Herb- and fruitbeers

Traditionally, beer is brewed with water, yeast, hops and grains. This is still mainly the case, but you can find beers that is based on other things, like fruit. Herb beer is beer brewed with so much herbs or spices that this is the main taste.

Lambics and sour ales

Yeasts used to brew beer is typically pure, but brewers can add wild yeast and even bacteria to the brew to give it a completely new taste. Lambics and other sour ales often taste more like a white wine than a typical beer.

Ask for a flanders red ale for a nice introduction to sour ales.