Best beer bars in Europe

This is our favourite pubs we have visited while we have been around in Europe checking out beer pubs.

If you are visit a large city, chances are there are a nice beer pub to visit.

If you are visit a large city, chances are there are a nice beer pub to visit.

1. Mikkeller & Friends – Copenhagen, Denmark

Mikkeller has a lot of pubs and brewpubs around in Europe, but the home city of the brewery has the best one in our opinion. A minimalist bar with a great selection on tap. Here you can find brews that are completely new, and you can be one of the first ones to taste it. You can get great deals on bottles to take home too.

2. In de Verzekering tegen de Grote Dorst – Elzeringen, Belgium

A small pub but with a great atmosphere and we had a blast talking to the staff. This is the place to visit if you are passionate about lambic and other sour ales. The place has a great selection and cheap prices. The best place for lambic that we have visited.

3. The Drunken Duck – Vicenza, Italy

In the north of Italy we found the Drunken Duck, a bar with local beers. You can get whatever type you want from their great selection. The bar has a great layout with beer memorabilia all around. You can also get food, which is not world class, but goes great with a beer.

4. Grove – Huddersfield, England

A place for the beer enthusiast. A wonderful selection of casks and with nice prices. The staff has a lot of knowledge about the beer and are very friendly. This is a heaven for any beer fan, with a huge selection of beer from all around Europe.

5. Cardinal – Stavanger, Norway

The beer revolution has hit Norway hard and Cardinal is one of the oldest bars with a great selection. Combine it with a trip around Stavanger and see the norwegian fjords. The pub is focused on norwegian beers and has more than 500 different bottles. Also a large selection of beers on tap, mainly from Norway.

6. Moeder Lambic Fontainas – Brussels, Belgium

Another bar for the belgian lambic fanatic. A cool little bar with a custom cantilion beer made for them. They have a lot of different bottles, so you should choose wisely, there’s probably a lot of beers you’ll never see again. Ask the staff for advice if you are unsure, they have a lot of knowledge.

7. Chinaski Lavapies – Madrid, Spain

This is quite a large place with a good selection on tap and of bottles. They often have events with breweries, and we was so lucky that we were able to attend such an event. It was a blast, and we were able to taste completely new brews. The prices are okey.

8. BeerTemple – Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you want to visit a true temple for beer this is the place to visit. Great selection, with a focus on american style ales. It is central in Amsterdam, and has a lot of space, and visitors. They offered sampling of the beers on tap, which means you can taste a lot of different beers.

9. The Local Pub – Athens, Greece

Greece is not just about light lagers, here you can go to get the beers you really want. They have a lot of fresh beers from their local brewery, and a nice selection of international beers. It’s a great establishment, with knowledgable bartenders that is happy to help you select a good beer.

10. 3 små rum – Göteborg, Sweden

This is a true beer bar with character. A great selection of beers including their own recipes. Not a huge selection of bottles, but enough rare finds that anyone should be happy and finding new things to try for a few nights. Has often live music downstairs.